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The invention relates to a system for the pyrolysis of scrap material, in particular for the depolymerisation of shredded scrap tyre material, and for producing a starting material which can be further processed to give recovered carbon black. The system comprises at least one rotary tube reactor, a quenching unit and a combustor unit. The rotary tube reactor has a reactor drum which rotates about a longitudinal axis during operation and the interior of which has at least one heating zone, a reaction zone and a degassing zone. The combustor unit is designed to combust pyrolysis gas to give a heating gas and to generate a heating gas stream through the heating jacket chamber, and for this purpose is connected to the heating jacket housing via heating gas lines. The quenching unit is connected to the gas outlet of the rotary tube reactor and is designed to cool pyrolysis gasses produced in the reactor interior during operation. According to the invention, a plurality of heating gas outlet valves are distributed over the length of the heating jacket housing, which valves make it possible to influence the flow of the heating gas through the heating jacket chamber such that different amounts of heat can be supplied to each of the heating zone, the reaction zone and the degassing zone in the reactor interior. By means of this system, it is possible to achieve permanently stable (static) process conditions in continuous pyrolysis operation, which conditions make it possible to generate a pyrolysis solid from, for example, shredded scrap tyre material, the starting quality of which fulfils all the requirements for further processing in a backend system for generating recovered carbon black in pearl form.

Publication date: 16/12/2021

Number: CA3186726A1 (A1)

Applicant: KLEAN IND?[CA]


ESPACENET - Technologies relating to chemical industry (Y02P20/143)


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870292.