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Advanced structural and multi?functional sandwich composites with prismatic and foam cores: A review

Different sandwich structures and their applications.Advanced sandwich structures have emerged as new multifunctional structures with low density and good mechanical performance. Sandwich composites have high strength to weight and high stiffness to weight ratio. Good thermal and sound insulation can be provided using sandwich composite materials. Sandwich composites have high energy absorbing capacity. Multifunctional sandwich composites exhibit mechanical performance and other functional properties such as energy storage, electrical conductivity, etc. Further, the core can be used for routing wires, foam filling, fluid storage, embedding bars, etc. Thus, the multifunctionality can be introduced to the resuting composite materials. This article reviews current research on innovative sandwich structures with integrally woven corrugated core, honeycomb, foam, and 3D printed core architectures, emphasizing their multifunctionality. Aspects of sandwich structure with types of face and core structure design, material design, mechanical properties, and panel performance and damage, including multifunctional benefits, are reviewed. Examples of engineering and modern uses of sandwich structures are presented, covering hypersonic vehicles, civil and marine engineering, electronics, and biological fields. A list of areas for future study initiatives is also included. This review will serve as a baseline for future studies to do more research in the same direction.HighlightsA detailed review of various types of core materials and sandwich structures is presented.Sandwich structures have high energy absorbing capacity.3D woven sandwich structures, their manufacturing and failure mechanics is discussed.Modern applications of sandwich structures are detailed.

Publication date: 22/10/2023

Polymer Composites


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870292.