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New research project launched to develop free-flowing thermoset molding compounds

A joint project between SKZ, Süd-West-Chemie GmbH and Baumgarten Automotive Technics GmbH focuses on the development of bio-based resins. (Photo: digitalstock – The SKZ Plastics Center, together with Süd-West-Chemie GmbH and Baumgarten Automotive Technics GmbH, has launched a cooperative project to develop bio-based resins. These thermosets are to be used in technically demanding products in the future. Their economic viability is also being investigated.

SKZ Plastics Center develops durable bio-based thermosetsGlobal warming and associated climate change require us to rethink the way we use available fossil resources. The plastics industry is playing an important role in addressing these challenges by developing plastics based on renewable resources. To date, the development of bioplastics has focused on thermoplastics – a situation that is now set to change.

Funding from the BMELTogether with the SKZ, Süd-West-Chemie GmbH and Baumgarten Automotive Technics GmbH are developing free-flowing thermoset molding compounds based on renewable raw materials that can be processed by injection molding. The three-year project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMEL) as part of its “Renewable Raw Materials” program.

Two optimization strategiesThe project pursues two optimization strategies in the development of bio-based moulding compounds. Firstly, the development of moulding compounds with a bio-based content of at least 95%, and secondly, the development of moulding compounds with the highest possible bio-based content (> 70%) and an optimized property profile. The newly developed bio-based molding compounds will be used in technically demanding applications and will therefore compete with petrochemical-based thermoset molding compounds and engineering thermoplastics. The mechanical properties and economic competitiveness of the developed bio-based compounds will be evaluated.

Expansion of the bio-economy in GermanyThe SKZ is responsible for the synthesis and optimization of the bio-based resin systems as well as the formulation development and compounding of the molding compounds. Süd-West-Chemie GmbH is developing a scale-up process, while Baumgarten Automotive Technics GmbH is developing an injection molding process for the bio-based thermoset molding compound and producing demonstrator components. The results of the project offer the possibility of replacing petrochemical-based thermosets with bio-based thermosets and contribute to the expansion of the bio- and bio-based economy in Germany.

Publication date: 09/01/2024

Author: Marion Kupfer

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870292.