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Sulzer launches SULAC™ – a new technology for lactide production 

The licensed technology completes Sulzer’s portfolio of licensed technologies for the manufacture of polylactic acid (PLA), an eco-friendly bioplastic. SULAC™ supports the conversion of lactic acid into lactide, which is both needed to produce PLA and limited by current availability. 

Sulzer Chemtech developed SULAC™ to meet market demand for the lactide biopolymer and ultimately facilitate the broad adoption of more circular and sustainable high-quality plastics. The licensed technology enables PLA producers to seamlessly integrate new lactic acid to lactide capabilities. It also facilitates delivery of a wide range of high-quality, competitive biopolymer grades, while improving operational efficiencies.

As a leader in the global bioplastics market, Sulzer offers a broad technology portfolio and has equipment installed at nearly every existing PLA facility worldwide. Together with SULAC™, its PLA production technology includes solutions for polymerization as well as lactic acid to lactide conversion and lactide and PLA purification, providing a comprehensive PLA service offering and all the benefits of a single provider. 

Sulzer Chemtech Division President Uwe Boltersdorf comments: “We are delighted to strengthen our position in the PLA value chain for our customers, as we continue to support circular manufacturing practices and the use of sustainable materials.”

Publication date: 05/01/2024

Author: Marion Kupfer

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