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A Coalition to Decarbonize the Chemical Industry Relaunches as the Independent Global Impact Coalition

The CEO-led effort to decarbonize the chemical industry by pooling efforts and expertise across the sector has relaunched as the Independent Global Impact Coalition. Previously incubated by the World Economic Forum, the coalition will focus on accelerating the development and upscaling of low-carbon emitting technologies for chemical production and related value chains. More than 70 senior industry executives support the coalition.

â??After over three years of incubation within the World Economic Forum and led by tangible results in the decarbonization space, we are delighted to witness the Global Impact Coalition emerge as an independent legal entity,â? said Bà¸rge Brende, president, World Economic Forum. â??We are dedicated to nurturing our strong relationship, bolstering sustainability and innovation within the chemicals sector.â?

The chemical industry serves as the cornerstone of the global economy, providing essential materials, technologies, and building blocks for 95% of all manufactured goods. Making decarbonization of this sector essential in the global fight against climate change. Innovation is urgently needed â?? the industry will need to cut its annual greenhouse gas emissions by 186 million tons over the next 30 years to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

â??I see immense potential in reshaping the chemical industry's impact on our planet. One of our goals is in forging new pathways to achieve this, through collaboration, business model transformation, and solid partnerships that create true value in our drive to a net zero future. I am extremely excited to lead the charge, focused on less talk, more results,â? said Charlie Tan, CEO, Global Impact Coalition.

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Publication date: 12/12/2023

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