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Phabuilder Set to Launch Marine-Degradable Straws and Cutlery

Recently, in partnership with Hengxin Life Science & Technology Co., Ltd., PhaBuilder Biotechnology Co., Ltd. secured an order of millions of USD, one of the largest in the PHA industry so far, aiming to showcase the diverse applications of PHA and transform everyday products. This alliance is marked by the introduction of three remarkable PHA-based product categories: straws, coatings, and injection-molded items into the consumer market.

PhaBuilder joins forces with Hengxin Life to introduce three remarkable PHA-based product categories: straws, coatings, and injection-molded items into the consumer market, with a commitment to sustainability and ocean protection.With PhaBuilder’s expertise in synthetic biology and Hengxin Life’s position as a global leader in biodegradable products, the collaboration seeks to maximize the potential of PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoates). Chairman Deping Yan of Hengxin Life highlighted the partnership being the “foundation for the future of marine-degradable tableware.” The products showcased by Hengxin Life at the renowned Canton Fair reasserted the company’s commitment to producing products that meet consumer needs, promote sustainability, and reduce marine plastic pollution.

Originated from the research of the R&D team in China’s tier 1 institute, Tsinghua University, PhaBuilder has established a team of experts dedicated to bioengineering PHA for making tableware that resists high temperatures, embodies robust barrier attributes, and allows for customizations in color, transparency, and shape. According to Ms. Sherry Xu, Chairwoman of PhaBuilder, the recently released PHA straws can stand temperatures beyond 90°C, thus uniquely satisfying the demand for sustainable hot drink solutions. In a world veering towards ecological sustainability, PHA substantiates itself as a meaningful and viable green choice, with its biobased nature.

Chairwoman Xu mentioned, “As society becomes more attuned to environmental concerns, there’s a clear trend towards responsible and sustainable alternatives. Our PHA-based offerings, developed via a low-carbon, chemical-free approach, respond to this demand. They seamlessly connect consumer choices with environmental responsibilities.” 

To ensure the ecological soundness and reliability of its products, Phabuilder has obtained certifications from well-respected organizations like TÜV AUSTRIA, BPI, and European DIN, solidifying the products’ biodegradability and biocompostability.

Phabuilder Biotechnology Co., Ltd., pioneering advancements in the development of PHA, presents a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics. Emphasizing its mission “From Microbes to a Green Future”, the company announced its new brand initiative at the 3rd PHA World Congress. This initiative embodies a vision of diversifying PHA applications, encapsulated in three core aspects: PHAmily (PHA polymers exploration), PHAbrary (diverse research), and PHAdustry (industrial-scale production). Each component synergizes to explore and leverage over 150 monomers of PHA, aiming to uncover a myriad of applications ranging from daily essentials to medical health and high-end products. Through collaboration with global partners, PHAmily seeks to facilitate an innovative ecosystem, accelerating the exploration, development, and commercial applications of PHA biopolymers, in alignment with global sustainability objectives.

In conclusion, the synergy between Phabuilder and Hengxin Life embodies a significant stride toward evolving sustainable consumer products, combining innovation with a commitment to ecology.

Publication date: 27/11/2023

Author: Marion Kupfer

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