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CRP Technology Launches PA-based High-performance Composite for Injection Molding

Injection molding materials increase in number every year, but only a few guarantee high performance with the future of the planet at heart. With this in mind CRP Technology launches the Windform® XT 2.0 IMG material and initiates a new era in the world of industrial production and sustainability.
Windform® XT 2.0 IMG is a high-performance composite with thermoplastic matrix, polyamide based (nylon PA12) and Carbon fibers reinforced material for injection molding (IMG is the acronym for Injection Molding Grade).
It is 100% recycled from Windform® XT 2.0 industrial 3D printing material.
Perfect Choice for Impact-resistant Parts and Components
Engineer Franco Cevolini, CEO and technical director of CRP Technology, says, “For some time we at CRP Technology have been studying an alternative and total use of those exhausted Windform® powders for selective laser sintering, that fallen into disuse as they no longer meet our high-quality standards.”
The CRP’s solution establishes that the exhausted Windform® powders are not recycled with the addition of a percentage of virgin material, but they are 100% reused and properly transformed to be suitable for other technologies, which can be both traditional and additive. “In this case – continues Franco Cevolini – we regranulated the Windform® XT 2.0 powder cake and make it suitable for injection molding technology. The test phase ended with excellent results and now we are ready to sell it to those who manufacture on large volumes basis.”
Windform® XT 2.0 IMG is a premium injection molding material: it’s nylon PA12 based and Carbon fibers reinforced. It is the perfect choice for parts and components that must resist to impact and for details with thin thicknesses. Also, aesthetic results are exceptional.
With the launch on the market of Windform® XT 2.0 IMG injection molding material, CRP Technology begins to offer top-of-the-range materials for different technologies, such as injection molding grade, which permit the companies to shorten the supply chain, and save time and money.
Franco Cevolini specifies, “Now we are able to provide a solution of continuity to all those companies that are reluctant to 3D print prototypes or pre-series with our Windforms® because they are worried not finding a similar material when they switch to industrial production.With Windform® XT 2.0 IMG injection molding material the issue of changing material from one phase to another no longer exists: thanks to its mechanical performance, XT 2.0 IMG guarantees high injection molded parts preserving same performances of functional prototypes realized in Selective Laser Sintering with Windform® XT 2.0. Furthermore, the companies that use our Windform® XT 2.0 IMG for production, limit their carbon footprint as they are employing a 100% recycled material.”
CRP Technology's Windform® Product Range

Source: CRP Technology

Publication date: 22/06/2023

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870292.