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SK chemicals and Komax Launch Low-carbon Transparent Containers

SK chemicals has developed “ECO CLEAR” for sealed containers in collaboration with Komax. Use of this sustainable material is consistent with the company’s commitment to improving the environment.
SK chemicals and Komax, announced on the 15th May that they will launch a sealed container, “ECO CLEAR,” made from “ECOZEN PRO,” a new material which enhances the functionality of SK chemical's environmentally friendly biomaterial, “ECOZEN.”
Excellent Heat and Chemical Resistance
The newly introduced container, “ECO CLEAR,” is a clear container made from SK chemicals’ ECOZEN, encapsulating the characteristics of the product in its name. Combining the clearness of glass and the durability of unbroken plastic, “ECO CLEAR” is made entirely of “ECOZEN,” from the body to the lid and handles except silicon packing, providing a clear view of the container's contents from every angle.
“ECOZEN Pro,” used in “ECO CLEAR,” is an upgraded material with improved impact resistance compared to existing materials. It poses no risk of detecting harmful substances such as bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalate plasticizers, classified as environmental hormones, and its excellent heat, chemical, and contamination resistance means it retains its shape in dishwashers. Even when storing high-acid foods like kimchi, spices, and oily ingredients for a long time, no odor or discoloration occurs.
Of great importance is the low (one-third) carbon emissions with “ECO CLEAR” compared to other plastics. Using 3.3 kg of “ECO CLEAR” has the environmental impact equivalent of planting two-thirds of a tree.
Komax showcased the launch of “ECO CLEAR” on NS HomeShopping from 12:20 PM for 55 minutes on the 18th May. On that day, 11 “ECO CLEAR storage containers” of capacities from 325 ml to 3.1 L were sold at a 70% discount.
Expanding to Tumblers and Refrigerator Water Bottles
Komax, a 52-year-old kitchen and household goods company that produces and sells storage containers, rubber gloves, water bottles, and tumblers, plans to expand its collaboration with SK chemicals to tumblers and refrigerator water bottles.
Koo Ja-Il, the representative of Komax, said, “It's time to think about the environment with products made of sustainable materials, even for kitchen and household items. Through this collaboration with SK chemicals, we have launched ECO CLEAR, a more environmentally friendly kitchen item.” He added, “We will continue to showcase diverse products that consider not only function and design but also the environment.”
Kim Eung-soo, head of SK chemicals' Green Materials Business Division, said, "In a situation where the issue of plastic greenhouse gases is raised, interest in low-carbon materials is increasing among domestic and foreign customers." He added, "We plan to expand the excellence of ECOZEN from consumer goods to various industrial goods based on the development of ECO CLEAR."
Source: SK chemicals

Publication date: 31/05/2023

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