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Trinseo Launches ABS Resin with 95% Bio-attributed Content

Trinseo, a specialty material solutions provider, has launched its flagship MAGNUM™ ABS Resins with 95 percent bio-attributed content.
The sustainable ABS solution was first made available in late 2022 and is offered in addition to Trinseo’s bio formulations of the material made with both 60 and 80 percent bio-attributed content.
Replacing Fossil-based Monomers with Bio Alternatives
As customers focus on sustainable solutions, Trinseo continues to invest in technologies that offer an alternative to materials based on traditional feedstocks,” said Romulo Bouzas, product manager, Copolymers EMEA. “Our bio-ABS materials can serve as drop-in replacements since they’re equivalent to their fossil-based counterparts with identical physical properties.
Trinseo’s bio-ABS solutions combine fossil-based feedstocks with renewable feedstocks according to a mass balance process. In the BIO 95 material a 92% product carbon footprint (PCF) reduction is attained by replacing fossil-based monomers with bio alternatives. In the BIO 60 and BIO 80 formulations, fewer feedstocks are replaced, and the PCF reduction is 58% and 77% respectively.
The new BIO 95 material, as well as the others in the MAGNUM™ ABS BIO Series, qualifies as a Trinseo CO2NET™ product indicating a PCF reduction of 50% or greater over the equivalent fossil-based products. Besides sustainably advantaged ABS, Trinseo’s bio based styrenics includes STYRON™ CO2RE™ BIO Polystyrene and TYRIL™ CO2NET™ BIO SAN.
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Source: Trinseo

Publication date: 03/05/2023

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