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Xenia to Launch 100% Sustainable Thermoplastic Composites Family at JEC World

Xenia Materials will be launching its 100% sustainable thermoplastic composites family XEGREEN® at JEC World 2023.
The XEGREEN® thermoplastic composites family is the result of the association between recycled, rigorously selected and certified fibers and polymers from wastes and end-of-life products.
Using Alternative Products from Recycled Wastes
Consistent with the vision that distinguishes Xenia, the peculiarity of these materials is to guarantee high mechanical performance and lightness, while maintaining constant processability between different batches.
As a result of its technical knowledge in the development and the production of high-performance thermoplastic composites, Xenia ensures characteristics comparable to the corresponding virgin materials and engineers formulations and solutions to meet the technical specifications required by the applications.
In recent years, environmental awareness and the commitment towards the realization of more sustainable materials have spurred manufacturers to search for solutions to replace virgin plastic materials with recycled ones. The goal is to reintegrate a part of the wastes back into the production chain. Unfortunately, this transition is often limited because of the poor mechanical performance of these materials, making their use impossible where such requirements are fundamental.
XEGREEN® was precisely born from the desire to overcome this barrier, enabling the replacement of structural high-quality materials with alternative products from recycled wastes. XEGREEN® offers the possibility to take a fundamental step towards a sustainable future to all market operators who need these types of materials for applications where mechanical strength and lightness are prime requisites.
Source: Xenia Materials

Publication date: 24/04/2023

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