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Avient Adds Sustainable Grades to Its Density Modified Polymers Portfolio

Avient Corporation announced the expansion of its Gravi-Tech™ Density Modified Formulations portfolio to include more sustainable grades based on recycled and bio-based resin and/or filler, without sacrificing performance.
Cost-Effective Alternative to Metal
First-generation Gravi-Tech™ Density Modified Formulations were developed to mimic the luxurious look, weight, and feel of die-cast or machined metals by using select metallic fillers and thermoplastic resin. These are a cost-effective alternative to metal, useful for applications in luxury packaging and consumer goods including caps and closures for cosmetics, bottle caps and boxes for spirits, and decorative knobs and grips for appliances, furniture, and automotive applications.
As OEMs and consumers seek more sustainable materials in the packaging industry, Avient is advancing its Gravi-Tech™ Density Modified Formulations product line with two new sustainable solutions. The first, Gravi-Tech™ REC Recycled Formulations, is based on recycled resin and/or filler from post-industrial recycled (PIR) and/or post-consumer recycled (PCR) sources. The second, Gravi-Tech™ BIO Bio-based Formulations, contains bio-based resin from renewable plant sources. Both are developed to offer comparable performance to conventional density-modified solutions but with less reliance on virgin thermoplastics, supporting the circular economy and reducing carbon footprint relative to fossil feedstock resin alternatives.
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Gravi-Tech™ Density Modified Formulations were originally developed to provide an effective alternative to lead and other traditional metals,” said Matt Mitchell, director of global marketing, Specialty Engineered Materials at Avient.
Formulated using engineered thermoplastic resins and select metallic fillers, they offer densities similar to traditional metals while providing design and processing flexibility. Following market and customer demand for more sustainable solutions, the new recycled and bio-based formulations offer the same performance benefits while supporting the circular economy and helping customers to work towards their sustainability goals,” added Matt Mitchell.
Customizable Performance Characteristics
Similar to prime density modified grades, these new materials can be extruded, molded, calendared, or thermoformed into complex designs without expensive tooling. Performance characteristics, including density, corrosion and chemical resistance, and mechanical performance, can be customized depending on application needs.
Gravi-Tech™ REC Recycled Formulations and Gravi-Tech™ BIO Bio-based Formulations are currently manufactured in Europe and are commercially available globally.?
Avient's Gravi-Tech™ Product Range

Source: Avient

Publication date: 27/01/2023

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