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LG Chem Launches Asia’s First Plant Material-based Eco-friendly ABS

ABS is a plastic with outstanding heat-resistance and impact-resistance and is LG Chem’s number 1 product for global market share. It can be processed in the shape desired by customers and can be made in various colors, and is thus being used as materials for various products such as toys, household appliances, automobiles, construction materials, etc. 

LG Chem’s new eco-friendly high-performance bioplastic © LG Chem Ltd.
The newly launched eco-friendly highly functional plastic acquired ISCC PLUS (global eco-friendly material certification) by using renewable bio materials. LG Chem is the first in Asia to sell eco-friendly products that acquired ISCC PLUS certification in the ABS sector.
Through LCA (life cycle assessment) that assesses raw material production to shipping for verification of environmental impacts, LG Chem found that carbon emissions were reduced significantly compared to ABS produced in the past.
The eco-friendly highly functional plastic that will play a significant role in achieving 2050 Net Zero was launched by applying LG Chem’s eco-friendly integrated brand, ‘LETZero.’
This product was first sold to North America’s largest toy manufacturer, Mattel that focuses on developing eco-friendly products. LG Chem plans to actively expand and lead related markets based on eco-friendly highly functional plastics.
As ESG trends have recently been accelerating, eco-friendly product demand has been continuously increasing for products that are used in everyday life.
As part of its sustainable strategies, LG Chem released diapers and floor materials using bio materials, and launched eco-friendly remote controls, set top boxes, etc. using recycled plastics as it concentrates on carbon neutrality and resource circulation activities. 

Petrochemicals Company President KUG LAE, NOH stated, “We will lead the market and provide an opportunity for valuable consumption to customers to think about the environment with sustainable materials around eco-friendly products.”

Publication date: 16/12/2022

Author: Yago Destro de Oliveira

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