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Enmat Y1000P PHBV certified OK Biodegradable Marine

Tianan Biologic’s Enmat Y1000P PHBV has been certified OK Biodegradable Marine by TÜV Austria. Coming two months after the OK Compost Home certification, by TÜV Austria as well, this welcome news makes Y1000P PHBV a truly sustainable and biodegradable material solution. Helian Polymers BV has been distributing Enmat Y1000P from stock for over a decade.

As per TÜV Austria’s website: “Considering the fact that most of the marine debris is land based, marine biodegradability is an added value to any product regardless of where it is consumed. The chance that it eventually lands up at sea will always exist.”

By extensively testing in seawater the certification ensures that the material is truly biodegradable. After 12 weeks a part with a thickness of 52 micron was 100% disintegrated. Tests were carried out by OWS Belgium.

Enmat Y1000P PHBV by Tianan Biologic has already proven to be a versatile material in use for many applications. It is a thermoplastic resin that can be used in injection molding, thermoforming and extrusion. PHBV is made by bacterial fermentation and is 100% biobased and 100% biodegradable.
This material is heat-resistant up to 160ºC. PHBV can be blended with other biopolymers such as PLA, starch based polymers or synthetic biobased polyesters. It contains a nucleating agent to induce and promote crystallization . Blending with PHBV leads to a better flexibility and improved temperature resistance. PHBV is also available as a powder.

About Tianan BiologicTianan Biologic is a biopolymer specialist, focused on the production and application development of polyhydroxy-butyrate-co-valerate (PHBV) and PHB (Polyhydroxy-butyrate). The fermentation facilities are based in Beilun Port, Ningbo City in People’s Republic of China, with an annual capacity of 2000 metric tons. Since the company’s establishment in 2000 they have been widely recognized as the largest producer of PHBV. In 2004 they became the first company in the world to have achieved commercial production of PHBV using water-based extraction technology, which has been successfully patented globally since.

About Helian PolymersHelian Polymers has been active in bioplastics ever since 2007, as well as trading in color concentrates and additives on an international scale. With increased regulatory pressure and social concerns regarding petrochemical based plastics Helian is stepping up its efforts to supply both biobased and biodegradable materials and develop bespoke applications with its customers.

In the summer of 2021 Helian Polymers established PHAradox as its brand for further bioplastics developments. Having the Enmat Y1000P home compostable certified is one of these efforts, as well as having Y1000P as one of its main building blocks to develop PHA based material solutions for a wide range of applications.

Publication date: 05/04/2022

Author: Marion Kupfer

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