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Green Dot Bioplastics and Mayco Partner to Develop NFRP Composite Material

Green Dot Bioplastics and Mayco International have partnered to reclaim trim and scrap fibers for Natural Fiber Reinforced Plastic (NFRP).
Sustainable Solution for Automotive Waste
Mayco International wanted a sustainable solution for waste produced during the manufacture of automotive components. Green Dot Bioplastics launched Terratek® NFRP in 2020, a type of such as hemp, jute, sisal, American Bamboo, and flax, instead of glass or carbon fiber.
Together, the two companies developed an using the trim and scrap fibers, removing them from the waste stream and expanding the lifespan of the original materials. “We wanted to find a better use of the waste stream from our latest natural fiber composite technologies” said Mayco International Advanced Development Engineer Chris Heikkila. “We partnered up with Green Dot who specializes in bio resins & natural filled plastic products, because of their expertise & current natural filled product portfolio.”

We were excited when Mayco came to us looking for a solution to their waste issue,” Green Dot director of research & development Mike Parker said. “They are committed to creating products that are environmentally responsible through sustainable, efficient processes which is exactly what we do at Green Dot.”

Env. Responsibility, Sustainability, and Innovation
Both Green Dot and Mayco International value environmental responsibility, sustainability, and innovation.
The aligns with those values, providing a sustainable alternative to carbon-based and traditional plastics. While they have similar physical properties, aesthetics, and chemical makeup, Terratek® NFRP is lighter, quieter, and, in the case of this collaboration with Mayco International, reclaims fibers that would otherwise be disposed of as waste.
Working with the team at Mayco was thoroughly rewarding,” Parker said. “We’re all looking forward to sharing the results of this collaboration at CAMX in October.”
Green Dot Bioplastics' Complete Terratek® Range

Source: Green Dot Bioplastics

Publication date: 29/10/2021

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870292.