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One of the most dynamic categories in the plastics is for bioplastics, aka biopolymers and related bio-based materials made from renewable sources.

The articles PlasticsToday publishes related to this high-interest topic represent only the tip of a large and growing iceberg of what’s happening. That’s the idea behind this new stream of Tweets drawn from Twitter dedicated to bioplastic news and innovations in this accelerating market.  Check below for the latest curated news that will be updated regularly.

Compostable packaging made from potato, corn, and other natural starches.

BioPlastic Green heart
Made from plants.
Highly transparent eco-friendly compostable heat shrink film. Certified Compostable.
The film gets back to nature as compost once composted within 60 to 180 days.
We now welcome enquiries related to same.

— ECO365 - Compostables (@Eco365_Gogreen) January 5, 2022A 17-year old student designs bioplastic fishnet.

Check out our latest Conservation Conversation where we're talking with Jessica Liu, who at just 17 years old designed an innovative fish net made of versatile bioplastic breaks down within 9 months into nutrients that can feed marine animals!

— Ripley's Aquarium of Canada (@RipleysAquaCA) January 4, 2022Future forecast: bioplastic waste to power cities.

Goodbye to plastic. Hello to bioplastic. Project 2030: Scenarios for the Future of Cybersecurity predicts bioplastic waste will also be used to generate heat and power for cities.
See the future: #TrendTalks2030

— Trend Micro (@TrendMicro) January 4, 20224th Global Congress on Polymer Chemistry & Biopolymers scheduled March 23-24, 2022.

We invite all to join the 4th Global Congress on Polymer Chemistry & Biopolymers scheduled during March 23-24, 2022 at #Berlin, #Germany.
For more details PS: #polymerscience #polymerindustry #biopolymers #speakers #chemistry #conference

— Sophia Anderson (@SophiaA01116961) January 4, 2022The UN recommends bioplastics vs. conventional polymers.

United Nations recommends #Bioplastics as a sustainable alternative to conventional plastics #Agriculture #Biodegradability #Circulareconomy #RenewableCarbon

— Renewable Carbon News (@RenewableCNews) January 4, 2022Poto brand reusable water bottles are made from bioplastic comprising 70% paper.

Poto is a revolutionary water bottle company that creates sustainable, reusable water bottles to minimise the use of plastic in the environment. According to the company, Poto bottles are made of bioplastic, utilising 70% paper.
Poto/Raphael Iglesias #packaging

— Packinetics (@10K60Packaging) January 4, 2022Accelerating the breakdown of polylactic acid (PLA) in seawater.

Well, this looks potentially promising. Although even if we find a way to get bioplastics such as PLA to break down more quickly, reliance on disposables shouldn't be a mainstay in the long run. #bioplastic #microplastic@SETAC_plastics

— pnwmicroplastics (@pnwmicroplastic) January 3, 2022Are bioplastics truly better?

Is bioplastic better for the #Environment than conventional plastic? (Seeker) #Pollution

— James Gingerich, @Expeflow #WorkEasier #RPA (@jamesvgingerich) January 3, 2022Bioplastic from wastewater using microalgae.

A team of Malaysian students had initially come together to create a sustainable way to manage wastewater using microalgae.

— The Star (@staronline) January 2, 2022

Publication date: 05/01/2022

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