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Polysciences launches new bioprocessing brand

Polysciences, a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of chemicals for research, IVD and medical device applications, has announced its plan to create a new brand, Kyfora Bio, representing its product offerings to the bioprocessing market. × Building on Polysciences'  experience in developing and manufacturing monomers, polymers, microspheres, and specialty reagents for the medical device, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical industries, Kyfora Bio will focus on the synthesis of cationic polymers, lipids, and other materials used in nucleic acid delivery for cell and gene therapies.

Based in Horsham, PA, Kyfora Bio will occupy a 45,000 square foot cGMP facility outfitted with administrative offices, R&D laboratories, manufacturing suites, and QC laboratories for chemical and biological performance testing.  The new site is a short drive from Polysciences' 250,000 square foot Warrington, PA campus which serves as the company's headquarters and houses manufacturing, R&D, QA/QC, and product storage facilities.       

Scott Knorr, President, Kyfora Bio said: "Kyfora Bio reflects Polysciences' latest commitment to be the partner of choice in supplying key cGMP compliant materials to the cell and gene therapy market.  Through Kyfora Bio, we will leverage over 60 years of experience in chemical synthesis along with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and 210/211 compliant Quality Management System to assist our customers in bringing life-saving therapies to the patient.  Our flexible CDMO business model and deep technical expertise are ideal for those seeking the development and manufacture of novel materials used in discovery, clinical trials, and commercial manufacturing of biotherapeutics.”

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Publication date: 06/01/2023

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