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Bio Innovation of a Circular Economy for Plastics


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This year, PhD students involved in BioICEP project have presented their work at EFB2021 virtual conference. EFB2021 is the major scientific conference organized by the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) with 81 speaker and 206 poster presentations. EFB promotes the safe, sustainable and beneficial use of fundamental research and innovation in life sciences, while providing a forum for interdisciplinary and international cooperation.

  • Brana Pantelic, Junior Researcher from IMGGE, presented his work on selected degradation of PET-related substrates by Penicillium sp. MM41 strain isolated from woodlice. This strain was able to completely degrade BHET in liquid culture after 10 days of incubation with MHET release. Additionally, it was shown that MM41 strain has an abillity to use PET related monomers (PET-2mer and PET-2.5mer) as a sole carbon and energy source.
  • Diana Garza, PhD student at AIT presented her research on enzymatic potential of microbes isolated from polluted sites. Selected sites proved to be good sources of potential PET degrading enzyme producer. Isolated strains showed an ability to use plastic related substrates as a sole carbon source. Further research will be focused on conversion rate of tested substrates in liquid culture.
  • Eduardo Lanzagorta Garcia, PhD student at AIT presented his work on the enhancement of bacterial cellulose (BC) antimicrobial properties. Effective antimicrobial activity was observed as a result of curcumin supplementation and addition of TSNP. Further analysis will be performed for optimization of supplemented production and evaluation against a wider variety of bacterial strains


Our partners from Serbia and Greece published research study: Synthesis and characterization of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) precursors and potential degradation products: Toxicity study and application in discovery of novel PETases in Chemosphere.

  • PET plastic precursors and possible degradation products toxicologically evaluated.
  • Low toxicity obsrved in vitro on human fibroblasts
  • Three compounds harmful to nematode Caenorhabditis elegan only at high concentracion
  • Six compounds classified as toxic and moderately toxic against Allivibrio fischeri
  • PET dimer and trimer are used as substrates for PET hydrolyzing enzyme.


“Plastic hazards and microbial degradation” Clean the beach action!


At ACTECO, they work hard towards a fully integrated management recycling and recovery process for both hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste. Their plants are involved in all aspects of this process such as equipment hire, waste collection, transportation, storage and conditioning, as well as recycling and recovery, or, where necessary, waste disposal, thus contributing to a circular economy. At their premises, they correctly manage any hazardous and non-hazardous waste in full compliance with the current legislation, while providing advice in order to obtain all environmental certificates required to successfully complete any audits or inspections. Therefore, their environmental consulting service can provide the ultimate level of support for those that require additional assistance. They help companies to meet their environmental liability obligations and to project an image to match their commitment towards customers and society in general. Their social and environmental commitment towards people and nationwide institutions is central to our business, as evidenced by their constant support of R&D&I and their partnerships with technology entities such as AIDIMME, AIMPLAS and AIJU, in addition to their certifications endorsing the quality of our work (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SONY GREEN PARTNER, R&D programme by the Ministry of Industry).

Acteco Productos y Servicios como gestores de residuos se va a encargar de recoger residuos posconsumo generados en la región de España, con el fin de obtener una muestra representativa de los residuos generados en la misma. Una vez recogidos se triturará el material y se pasará por la línea de densado para poder separar los diferentes materiales de los que se compone el residuo. Una vez realizada esa separación se realizarán las mezclas de polímeros indicadas, de esta manera se obtiene un residuo homogéneo que ya puede ser utilizado en el proceso de pretratamiento, así como proporcionar material a los Institutos Tecnológicos para que puedan realizar su caracterización tanto física como química. Además, contribuirá en las tareas de caracterización del residuo gracias a la utilización de equipos de Calorimetría de Barrido Diferencial para conocer los puntos de fusión de las mezclas preparadas o la cantidad de cargas inorgánicas presentes en la mezcla gracias a la reciente instalación de una mufla.

Ángel Martínez

Logoplaste Innovation Lab is an independent business unit of the Logoplaste Group, active in the research and development of high-performance plastic packaging solutions, through a 360º methodology. This methodology takes as its starting point the human factors (what people desire?) and combine them with technological and business factors allied with laboratory resources. The result is an integrated and supported by extensive creative, technical, and business analysis knowledge to deliver the best solution to the customer and consumer. Logoplaste Group is a leading global designer and manufacturer of value-added rigid plastic packaging solutions to a wide range of blue-chip clients, with its origin in Portugal. Founded in 1976, for over 42 years the company has pioneered by its innovation and customer service approach beyond the pure manufacturing process. Focused on a sustainable future, Logoplaste is one of the pioneer companies to sign the “New Plastics Economy Global Commitment” by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The “New Plastics Economy Global Commitment” aims to create a new scenario for plastic packaging, increasing the amount of reused or recycled plastics in new products and promoting innovation to ensure 100% of Plastic packaging can be reused, recycled or composted by 2025.

ILab team:

  • Paulo Correia: R&D director and ILAB responsible | Advisory during all project activities, mainly during the packaging development phase
  • Maria Eugenia B. Zacarias: R&D Raw Materials, Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs responsible | Technical raw materials support during the packaging development phase
  • Verónica Salgueiro: Packaging Engineering Support Coordinator | Technical support during the packaging validation phase
  • Bruno Machado: Technical Director | Technical support during the packaging development phase
  • Nuno Pereira: FEA Coordinator | FEA support during the packaging development phase
  • Rudiney Souza: CAD Coordinator | CAD support during the packaging development phase
  • Márcia Damas: Project Manager Officer | Project activities coordination
  • Pedro Santana: Project Manager | Project activities coordination

María Eugenia Zacarías

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The Bioicep project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870292.